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Sketch 005 by SariSpy56 Sketch 005 by SariSpy56
The fifth sketch of KBSD so let's wrap it up shall we.

1. A great scene from one of my best stories on fanfiction, "The Mummy" This can be found here [link] It's obvious that Gunther and Oveja Negra are fighting for Pretty Jackie's affections while being watched by Black and White Spies (disappointed) and Mouth (excited)

2. Just a sketch of Kick sleeping peacefully or suffering a serious coma from a severe injury.

3. A cosplay of Pretty Jackie as Princess Daisy and Kendall as Princess Peach.

4. Another cosplay of Scarlett Rosetti as Rosalina the enchantress

5. If you haven't seen the KBSD episode "If Books Could Kill/There Will Be Nachos", then you'll learn that Kick is somehow afraid of spiders but only for one second, nothing personal here.

6. Just a sketch of Kendall being peaceful.

7. Possible scene in either "Trip to Egypt" or "Return of the Mummy" about Kick getting captured by one of Kyto's mummies.

Kick, Gunther, Kendall, Scarlett, Mouth, and Jackie (c) Sandro Corsaro and Disney
Peach, Daisy and Rosalina (c) Nintendo
Oveja Nerga and the Spies (c) Prohias
Art and Mummy (c) me
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